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by Claudia Mills

Reviewed October 29, 2002.
Farrar, Strauss, Giroux, New York, 2002.  103 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (JF MIL)

Don’t let the two-star rating fool you.  This book does exactly what it sets out to do.  It presents an entertaining story for a young reader ready to take on chapter books.

Wilson Williams is having trouble passing his timed multiplication tests.  He’s supposed to get all the way through the 12s by March 16.  He’s still having trouble with the 3’s.  Wilson is convinced that if he had a pet, it would be much easier to focus on studying multiplication.  It doesn’t help that his Kindergarten brother turns out to be a whiz at Math.

My own son’s third grade teacher has required all the students in the class to bring a chapter book to read.  This book is perfectly aimed at that age level.  It’s an entertaining story about third-graders, written at a third-grade reading level.

Reader comment:  An anonymous reader gives this book three stars.

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