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***Sondok, Princess of the Moon and the Stars, A.D. 595

by Sheri Holman


Reviewed August 19, 2002.
Part of The Royal Diaries series.
Scholastic, New York, 2002.  187 pages.

This is the story of Princess Sondok, of the kingdom of Silla, in what is now Korea.  Sondok was destined to become the first Queen of Silla to rule in her own right, and she built what is now the oldest remaining astronomical tower in the world.

This book was set during Sondok’s childhood.  Her father the king is listening to an ambassador from China who is explaining Confucianism and deeply disapproves of a daughter inheriting the kingdom.

The story is fascinating partly because I knew so little about ancient Korea.  The author makes an interesting story out of the historical situation, having Sondok cope with trying to be a dutiful daughter but also her desires to study the stars, which many think is not appropriate for a girl.

A good book with a fantastic title!  :)

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