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***It Happened at School

Two Tales

by Susie Morgenstern

illustrated by Serge Bloch

translated by Gillian Rosner

Reviewed April 24, 2006.
Viking, New York, 2005.  82 pages.

Available at Sembach Library (JF MOR).

These stories are simply fun.  In the first story, “The Autograph,” Claudette is bursting with pride over her autograph of Rostropovich, the great cello player.  For some reason, the other kids aren’t impressed, and tease her for caring about a piece of paper “touched by the hand of genius.”  This motivates the teacher to give an assignment that starts the whole class thinking about autographs, heroes, and friends.

I enjoyed the second story even more.  Julien’s classroom has a new telephone/fax machine.  Unfortunately, the teacher’s boyfriend uses it to call her over and over to declare his love.  Of course the children make the most of it.  Mademoiselle Raysun becomes terribly embarrassed, and eventually angry with him.  Julien speculates on what will happen next.

Both stories are simple and easy to read, but very entertaining.

Copyright © 2006 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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