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***Hector Springs Loose

The Adventures of Hector Fuller, Book One

by Elizabeth Shreeve

Reviewed December 11, 2005.
Aladdin Paperbacks, New York, 2004.  67 pages.

Part of Aladdin’s Ready-for-Chapters series, Hector Springs Loose is a perfect story for a kid ready to read longer books—but not too long or too difficult.

Hector Fuller is a Wumblebug.  One day, a flea circus moves into his hole.  Hector has to move out and look for another place to live.  Along the way, he meets many other bugs and animals and has some interesting adventures.

The way this book started reminded me of The Hobbit:  “Hector Fuller the wumblebug lived in a snug hole in the ground.”  As Elizabeth Shreeve describes the hole it sounds very similar to a hobbit hole, cozy and homey.  So we’re sad for Hector when he has to leave this comfortable place.  This is a nice story for practicing reading.

Copyright © 2005 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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