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**The King of Ireland's Son

An Irish Folk Tale

by Padraic Colum

Reviewed November 21, 2002.
Floris Classics, Edinburgh, 2000.  Originally published in 1916. 275 pages.

On the recommendation of, I decided to use this book as a read-aloud.  I don’t really think I’d recommend it to others for that purpose, but it is a fun fairy tale.  As a story, we found it very strange, rambling and going off onto tangents and introducing characters seemingly at random.

For example, in the middle of the last chapter, he says:  “I was there, and I heard the whole story.  But I got no present save shoes of paper and stockings of butter-milk and these a herdsman stole from me as I crossed the mountains.”  We hear no more about the narrator before or after.  Very strange!

However, it is a fun fairy tale, if a bit of a rambling one.  It has the flavor of a heroic saga combined with traditional fairy tale.  A nice diversion from modern books.


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