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**Wham!  It’s a Poetry Jam

Discovering Performance Poetry

by Sara Holbrook

Reviewed May 7, 2002.
Wordsong, 2002.  55 pages.

Here’s another book in honor of Poetry Month in April.  This one is about performing poetry:  Reciting it aloud dramatically and with movement.

She makes a great case for poetry performance and organizing a competitive Poetry Jam.  The catch is that it would be difficult for one person to get this going--unless that person were a teacher.  This book in the hands of a whole class could create dynamite.  Yes, force the kids to get started, and I think that soon they’d be enjoying themselves hugely!  :)

The poems themselves are short and fun.  This book would also make a good resource for someone required to recite a short poem for a class.  There are lots of interesting possibilities, and they are all written to be read out loud, either by an individual or a group.


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