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**2001:  A Space Odyssey

by Arthur C. Clarke

Reviewed August 1, 2002.
Penguin Books, 1993.  First published in 1968.  236 pages.

I’m not a big science fiction fan.  I had wanted to read this book in 2001, since, after all, I got 1984 read on the last day of 1984.  Unfortunately, in the last week of 2001, I wasn’t able to find a copy.  So at last, I was making up for lost time.

This book is more of a story of the mind than of the feelings, so I found it rather cold.  The odyssey involves a man travelling alone through space.  Not exactly a novel of relationships!

Still, it’s a science fiction classic, and worth reading.  It is a story of the mind and definitely gives your mind food for thought.

It’s also fun to read to notice which things he got right about 2001.  Some are rather amazing.  Of course, he also got some things quite wrong--Like a space station on the moon.  Who would have thought in 1968 that there’d be no Soviet Union in 2001?

Now let’s see if I can get his sequel, 2010, read before the year 2011.

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