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***Size 12 Is Not Fat

by Meg Cabot

Reviewed March 5, 2006.
Avon Trade, New York, 2006.  345 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (MCN F CAB).

Meg Cabot has written a mystery!  And she’s done a fine job, too.  Yes, it’s fluffy and light, and people widen their eyes a lot, but at the same time it’s a whole lot of fun.

Heather Wells was a teenage singing sensation.  Now, at 28, it all seems to have fallen apart.  She gained weight.  She caught her boyfriend with the latest pop craze, Tania Trace.  She insisted on singing her own songs or nothing and lost her record contract.  Then her mother ran off to Argentina with the contents of her bank account.

Now Heather is reduced to working as the assistant director of a residence hall at New York College, looking forward to the tuition waiver she’ll get after six months on the job.  She’s coping well with her job, but then two different girls in the dorm die, apparently when elevator surfing.  Heather knows that good girls like those two don’t elevator surf.  But the police don’t seem impressed by her logic.

Of course, we’ve got Heather’s ex-boyfriend showing up, and she also has to deal with her feelings for his brother, who’s letting her live in an apartment in his house near the college.  This is a nice mystery, and Heather’s a fun, neurotic, compassionate heroine.  If you’re in the mood for funny and light mystery chick lit, this book is perfect.

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