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****The Complete Peanuts

The Definitive Collection of Charles M. Schulz's Comic Strip Masterpiece

1953 to 1954

by Charles M. Schulz

introduction by Walter Cronkite

Reviewed May 12, 2005.
Fantagraphics Books, New York, 2004.  325 pages.
Sonderbooks Stand-out 2005 (#2, Humorous Nonfiction)

Here’s the second volume in the series that is planned to have every single Peanuts comic strip drawn by Charles Schulz.

In this book, we’re still in the “early” period.  Linus is still a baby, though he learns to stand and then to speak.  He develops some surprising abilities.  Lucy still sleeps in a crib.  She’s more of a “fussbudget” than “crabby.”  Linus has his blanket, and Lucy already explains to Charlie Brown that it gives Linus “security and happiness.”

There are lots of negative emotions expressed in these strips.  Schulz didn’t portray childhood as all sweetness and light.  Perhaps that is what makes it seem so authentic, what makes us relate to Charlie Brown so well, even fifty years later.

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