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**His Name Is Jesus

The Mysterious Yeshua Codes

by Yacov Rambsel

Reviewed December 21, 2002.
Frontier Research Publications, Toronto, 1997.  264 pages.

I pulled out this book as a follow-up to Bible Code II which I reviewed last issue.  When I first read The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin, I was impressed by their statistics and revelation of a code discovered in the Bible.  I had one big question.  What does the code say about Jesus?  If, as I believe, Jesus fulfilled Biblical prophecies of a Messiah, and if this code was real, then surely the Bible Code would mention his name.

His Name Is Jesus answered my question.  Yes, Jesus’ name appears encoded in the Old Testament over and over again, especially often in the Messianic prophecies.  This code is the same as the one mentioned in The Bible Code using equidistant letter sequences, though in most cases the number of letters skipped is quite small.  In the Messianic passage in Isaiah 53, which Christians believe clearly prophesies Jesus’ crucifixion, Yacov Rambsel found Jesus’ name and the names of all twelve of his disciples, the high priests presiding over the crucifixion, and more individuals who were there.  I find this to be dramatic and astonishing evidence that this passage truly was prophesying about Jesus’ death.

The reason I gave the book only two stars is that unfortunately it is not very well written.    The author’s style is rambling.  He gives the Hebrew words for all of his discoveries, so that a reader in Hebrew could duplicate his work.  He specifies exactly how many letters to skip and shows the passage in Hebrew.  For those of us who don’t read Hebrew, this got quite tedious.  I wish he had borrowed Michael Drosnin’s clear diagrams to present his studies.  The material also didn’t seem well-organized.

However, the book does present remarkable results, so I wanted to mention it along with my review of Bible Code II last issue.

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