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***The Dog Prince

by Lauren Mills

illustrated by Lauren Mills and Dennis Nolan

Reviewed August 16, 2003.
Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 2001.  32 pages.

I always enjoy new spins on old fairy tales.  This is a well-told tale of a proud and impatient prince.  He’s impatient with a goat girl as he goes on his way to hunt a chimera.  Then he makes the mistake of being impatient and rude to a fairy.

The fairy turns him into a hound.  When the goat girl is the only one who will take him in, he stays with her and learns manners.  Then he learns to love her.  When the chimera turns up attacking her goats, he’s willing to give his life.

This is a nice story, and it’s a little easier to believe that the girl would kiss a dog than a frog!

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