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***I Only Like What I Like

by Julie Baer

Reviewed October 1, 2004.
Bollix Books, Peoria, Illinois, 2003.  32 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (E BAE).

Dewey Jackson Braintree-Berg is a kid who only likes what he likes.  For example, he only likes round food in the morning.

“But on Sunday, Daddy and I were making a surprise breakfast for Mommy, and we measured and sliced and stirred and poured and when we finally opened up the waffle cooker, out came rectangles!  I ate three!  And ten strawberries.”

On each day of the week, Dewey finds another exception to his definite dislikes, until the end of the week when he discovers that he can sleep with a shiny new seashell nightlight instead of having the great big, bright light turned on for the whole, entire night, which he thought was the only way he liked to sleep.

I like the way Julie Baer captures the authentic voice of a kid with definite opinions on what he doesn’t like.  I’ve known plenty of kids like that.  This is a great book for sharing with them that, sometimes, that dreaded, disliked thing is not so bad after all.

Copyright © 2004 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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