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****The Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups

The Second File

by David Wisniewski

Reviewed August 2001.
Available at Sembach Library (E WIS).

This book is a hoot!  Even if you don’t have any young children, I recommend dropping by the library sometime and reading this book to give yourself a good laugh.  Like the previous book (the first file), David Wisniewski presents the real reasons behind the rules that grown-ups tell kids.  In this one he exposes such rules as why you should clean under the bed, why you should not stay too long in the tub, and why you should not watch TV too late.  (To prevent the growth of Killer Dust Bunnies, to keep from shriveling up and going down the drain, and to give the little actors inside the TV a rest.)

Each revealed reason is presented with a detailed case history of people who flaunted the rule, accompanied by hilarious illustrations.

Obviously, this book is not for 2-3 year olds (we don’t want to scare them about the tub), but is a delight for school-age kids who take great pride in figuring out that the whole thing is incredibly silly.  Timothy, my 7-year-old, loves both books.  But then, so do I!

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