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by Mary O'Hara

Reviewed July 8, 2002.
A Sonderbooks' Best Book of 2002 (#4, Young Adult and Children's Classic Rereads)
Dell Publishing, 1975.  Originally published in 1943.  319 pages.

The sequel to My Friend Flicka, this book is marketed as a young adult title, and I first read it in upper elementary school and liked it.  However, reading it now, I thought that it isn’t so much the story of fourteen-year-old Ken as it is the story of his mother Nell.

Flicka has had a colt, and he turns out to be a throwback to his grandfather, the wild Albino.  Ken dreams of making a racer out of him, while all Thunderhead wants is to run free.  Meanwhile, their ranch keeps going further into debt.  When Nell tries to talk to her husband about it, he feels she has no confidence in him and freezes him out of her life.

This book has a richer and more intricate plot than the first book.  A powerful and well-written book, with the drama of wild stallions fighting and the poignancy of a relationship being rebuilt.

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