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by Diana Wynne Jones

Reviewed January 8, 2002.
A Greenwillow Book.  1977.  261 pages.

Every time I read a book by Diana Wynne Jones, I get more impressed by her writing.  This book is very different from anything else of hers I’ve ever read.  However, like them, it is excellent.

This is the story of Sirius, the denizen of the Dog Star of that name.  He is wrongfully accused and condemned to live a normal lifespan on Earth--unless he can find the mysterious and powerful Zoi that has been lost.

Sirius is born as a puppy, and barely remembers his former existence.  He comes to the home of a little Irish girl who lives with unsympathetic relatives.  The author well captures what it must be like to be a dog.  I found her contempt for those who find dogs distasteful quite convicting!  I’d never quite looked at the world from a dog’s perspective before.

As Sirius grows, he learns that someone is trying to keep him from getting the Zoi, and, indeed, wants him dead.  This is an exciting and unusual story.

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