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***Whales on Stilts!

by M. T. Anderson

Reviewed August 27, 2005.
Harcourt, Orlando, 2005.  188 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (J MCN F AND).

Whales on Stilts! is a hilarious spoof of kids’ old-fashioned adventure yarns.  When Lily goes with her father to work on career day, she doesn’t expect to discover that he works in a heavily guarded abandoned warehouse, and his boss is a mad scientist who wants to take over the world.  Her father says they’re just a normal company that makes stilts for whales.

It’s up to Lily and her two adventurous friends to find a way to stop the whales who are being mind-controlled and equipped with laser eyes and stilts to take over the land.  This book is delightfully silly and a whole lot of fun.

My teen picked up this book because he liked Feed so much, and he enjoyed it greatly.  Now we both want my eleven-year-old to read it.  It plays on all the clichés of adventure stories, with a thoroughly enjoyable result.

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