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****Drummer in the Dark

by T. Davis Bunn

Reviewed August 2001.

I had heard of this author and knew that he has written Christian fiction in the past, but this particular book is published by Doubleday, a secular publisher.  I was proud that a Christian author wrote such a great story, and fitted Christian people and ideas tastefully into it.

The premise of this book was frighteningly real.  Apparently, after the Great Depression, laws were put into place to stop banks from making risky investments, speculating with their customers’ money.  Over the years, the powerful financial lobby has gotten amendments put onto bills lifting restrictions.  Now, trillions of dollars are invested in the the volatile foreign exchange market, which is totally unregulated and very risky.

Given that background, it’s easy to imagine a thriller scenario where a company is willing to stop at nothing to make trillions of dollars, bending the rules that do exist, manipulating congressmen, assassinating those who get in their way, and risking the collapse of the American economy.  An exciting and suspenseful book.

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