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***Pain Free for Women

The Revolutionary Program for Ending Chronic Pain

by Pete Egoscue, with Roger Gittines

Reviewed July 8, 2002.
Bantam Books, 2002.  447 pages.

The focus of this book is not so much on chronic pain as it is on exercise and movement.  The author attributes every problem ever to plague modern humans to lack of motion and “musculoskeletal dysfunction.”  And he includes “E-cises” designed for every age and stage of a woman’s life which he claims will correct this dysfunction.

His stories of what lack of motion can do almost got to be funny, since he really did seem to find this as the villain behind any problem a person can have.  However, if only a fraction of this is true, then he has a strong case.  Any author who can get me to start exercising is an impressive persuader!  I recommend checking this book out first to see what you think of it.  If you really want to try his exercises, you will probably want to buy your own copy.  He has written another book called Pain Free, which deals with more specific pain problems.  I’ve ordered a copy to see if he has a set of exercises for relieving headaches, my particular nemesis.


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