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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 35 mm Photography

edited by Liz Harvey

Reviewed June 1, 2002.
AMPHOTO, 1993.  256 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (770 SHO).

I checked out this book because I have a fancy new digital camera, with lots of settings that I don’t understand.  Although I’m no longer shooting film, I wanted to learn what I could about basic photography, now that I have a camera with more possibilities.

This book lives up to its name.  It has an article on every aspect of photography that I could possibly imagine, and many that I would not have ever dreamed up.  Of course, the accompanying photographs are stunning and illustrate the points made beautifully.  This is like a photography course in a book.  Although I can’t use everything on my digital camera, it gave me a multitude of things to think about and ideas to try.  At last I have something of a grasp on the ideas of shutter speed and aperture settings and how they affect the resulting picture.  Of course, with my digital camera, I can now experiment and get instant feedback.

I recommend this book to anyone with any interest in photography.  It’s a tremendously complete guide to the basics.  I will probably be checking it out again in the future to brush up on ideas I didn’t fully grasp the first time.


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