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***Unfinished Business

Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Beyond—

Defusing the Dangers that Threaten America’s Security,

by Harlan Ullman

Reviewed September 30, 2002.
Citadel Press, New York, 2002.

Unfinished Business is a thorough look at recent history and U. S. foreign policy.  The book just came out recently, and is a timely assessment of the current situation and what we should do next.

The introduction talks about five areas of “unfinished business” that Americans must deal with today.  They range from the openness of American society to the roles of Russia and China to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  He talks about the choices before our leadership now and gives recommendations as to how we should prepare ourselves for future conflict.

This is an interesting and scholarly book.  It confirms my impression that international affairs today are extremely complicated!  I liked the many different viewpoints from which he looked at world events.  I feel that I got a better understanding of events happening in the world today.  He talks about different scenarios should the United States attack Iraq.  He also gives some recommendations as to areas that we should devote our attention to.

This is not light reading!  It does provide an informed perspective on current events and the choices before America.  

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