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***I Am the Central Park Jogger

A Story of Hope and Possibility

by Trisha Meili

Reviewed April 21, 2003.
Scribner, New York, 2003.  257 pages.

Before the publication of this book, Trisha Meili was known to the public only as the Central Park Jogger.  She has written this book and come out of her anonymity in hopes that hearing her story will help other people on the road to recovery from debilitating injuries or traumatic experiences.

On April 19, 1989, while jogging in Central Park, Trisha Meili was raped, beaten, and left for dead.  She was young and had been doing well at her job as an investment banker.  She lost 75% to 80% of her blood and her head was swollen to twice its normal size.  Her eye was out of its socket, and she was unrecognizable to her friends.

Trisha’s story is, as the subtitle declares, one of hope and possibility.  She has no memory of the attack, since her brain was in no condition to record permanent memories.  She was shored up by the prayers of a nation, and her recovery was inspirational.  This book reminded me of Love, Greg and Lauren, because both books told of someone mortally injured in a vicious attack, and both women recovered in spite of all the odds against them, thanks to skillful doctors, love, prayer, and determination.

After her recovery, Trisha was looking for a meaningful work that would use what she had learned about healing.  She is going on to help others in recovery, and this book is part of that work.   

Copyright © 2003 Sondra Eklund.  All rights reserved.

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