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**Venice for Pleasure

by J. G. Links

Reviewed April 24, 2002.
Pallas Athene, 1999.  275 pages.

I’m not sure what to tell you about this guidebook.  It’s not like any other guidebook I’ve ever read.  It’s quaint, as of a gentleman taking you by the hand through Venice.

I read this book before I got to Venice, and found it a bit tedious trying to get through it toward the end.  I opted not to take it with me into the city.

On reflection, I think this would be just the book to bring along if I ever go to Venice again.  This book is not for the check-off-the-list traveller, but is designed for someone with a bit more time who wants to do some leisurely exploring.

I must attribute to this book some nice background information.  Most of the illustrations in the book are paintings you can actually see in museums in Venice, and I spotted a few at the Accademia or the Doge’s Palace.  Mr. Links made those paintings more interesting to me by telling me what they represented.  He also rounded out my knowledge of the history of Venice.

I suppose I can also thank Mr. Links for giving me the idea of walking through Venice.  Although we did not follow one of his walks (Next time!), on our second day, we followed signs from the train station to St. Mark’s Square.  He’s right--Venice is a delightful place for walking.


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