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by William Nicholson

Reviewed September 5, 2002.
Egmont Books, London, 2002.  341 pages.
Available at Sembach Base Library (JF NIC)

Firesong is the third book in the Wind on Fire trilogy.  The trilogy is a fantasy series somewhat epic in scope.  I liked the first book best.  Based on that book, I started reading the series out loud to my kids.  It wasn’t the greatest read-aloud we’ve ever done, though we were all interested in the story and wanted to know what would happen next.

Things get a bit mystical and weird in Firesong, though that started happening in the second book.  This book tells the story of the Manth people’s journey to their Homeland.  The story isn’t completely unified.  There are some major obstacles along the way that serve as interludes to the story of the journey.  He does tie up the trilogy nicely at the end.

If you like fantasy, this trilogy is worth reading.  It’s a bit different from any other fantasy series I’ve read.  One thing I’ve liked about the books all along is that I especially like the main characters, the Hath family.  Instead of one protagonist, we’ve got an entire warm and loving family to follow.  They work together to lead their people to the Homeland.

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