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***Beatnik Rutabagas From Beyond the Stars

by Quentin Dodd

Reviewed April 6, 2002.
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2001.  216 pages.

This is a thoroughly silly book.  Walter Nutria is abducted by aliens because he has rented more science fiction movies at the local video store than anyone else, and they think he would make a good general in their fight against the Wotwots.

Unfortunately, his friend Yselle was chosen as general by the Wotwots, because she was number two.  Then they find out that each race has only one ship in its fleet.  Poor maneuvering gets the ships rammed together, only to be stolen by Space Mice from Galaxy Four when they go in for repairs.  By the end of the book, Walter and Yselle get a chance to save the universe, not to mention ending the war between the Wotwots and the Lirgonians.  Along the way we encounter joke after joke about your typical science fiction scenario.

This book was a lot of fun, although my seven-year-old found it more enchanting than I did.  He’s on the young side of those who will enjoy it--It will give a laugh to science fiction fans of all ages.  Don’t pick it up unless you’re in the mood for something silly!

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