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*****= An all-time favorite
****  = Outstanding
***    = Above average
**      = Enjoyable
*        = Good, with reservations


*****Ella Enchanted

by Gail Carson Levine

Reviewed February 25, 2002.
A Sonderbooks' Best Book of 2002 (#4, Young Adult and Children's Fantasy Rereads)
HarperCollins Publishers, 1997.  232 pages.
Available at Sembach Library (JF LEV).

I love this book!  Here’s the real story of Cinderella.  We find out that the reason that she let those stepsisters walk all over her is that she was cursed at birth with the Gift of Obedience.  When someone gives her a command, Ella has to obey.  This Cinderella is not a doormat, however.  She’s feisty and clever, and you’d better be careful what you command, or she’ll find a way to thwart you.

Gail Carson Levine clears up some other confusing details of the story.  The reason the prince didn’t recognize her was that it was a masked ball.  It turns out that Prince Charmont (Honestly, who would really be named Charming?) already knew and admired Ella, because she made him laugh.  He didn’t only fall for her because of her pretty face.  (I like that detail.)  Alas!  She has to run away from him, for how can she be Queen if anyone in the kingdom could order her to give up state secrets or murder her husband?

I was delighted when this book won a Newbery Honor Award.  It’s not often that such a light and joyful novel wins!  It was Gail Carson Levine’s first children’s novel, so that was an impressive accomplishment.  This book is very popular at the library, and my seven-year-old son just started reading it.  I like watching him chuckle over it.  Definitely a book for all ages.

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Reader comments:

Kitty gives this book five stars, too.  She says, "
I love Ella Enchanted. I have four copies of the book. I have loved this book since the beginning. It is my favorite book of all time and I know that I could answer any question right off the bat I know it so well."

Crystal Flores gives this book four stars.  

Katie gives this book five stars.  She says, "I love this book.  It is one of my all time favorites.  I read the book for my 1st time and I just loved it.

An anonymous reader gives this book five stars.

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