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**Princess in the Spotlight

The Princess Diaries, Volume II

by Meg Cabot

Reviewed December 31, 2001.
HarperCollins Publishers.  2001.  223 pages.  Ages 12 and up. 
Available at Sembach Library (JF CAB).

Well, I couldn’t resist.  I had to read the second volume of The Princess Diaries.  It looks like the author intends to get a fairly long series going, as this second book only covered two weeks of Mia’s life, taking up where the first book left off.

Things are getting something like a soap opera.  Her mother is pregnant with her Algebra teacher’s baby, she has a secret admirer, and she messes up a nationwide interview.  It’s all kept light and fun, and I find myself unable to keep from reading on.

This book didn’t seem as focused and well-plotted as the first book.  The first book was the dramatic story of Mia finding out that she’s actually a princess.  This next book is simply two eventful weeks in her life.

Again, there’s nothing weighty or profound in these books, but they do make a fun diversion.  I thought the whole book was worth reading for the gag when Martha Stewart is at a social function that Mia attends on Halloween.  Mia, already dressed in a fairy tale dress, only needs a wand and crown to be Glinda the Good.  Martha Stewart whips up a wand “from a bunch of crystal drink stirrers that she tied together with some ivy from the centerpiece.  Then she fashioned this big crown for me out of some menus and a glue gun that she had in her purse.”  So silly!

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