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***DK Guide To the Human Body

A Photographic Guide Through the Human Body

by Richard Walker

Reviewed October 17, 2001.
A Dorling Kindersley Book.  2001.  64 huge pages.  Available at Sembach Library (J 612 WAL).

This book is awesome!  I learned amazing things about the human body myself.  The book is full of images--CT scans, bone scans, angiograms, x-rays, ultrasounds, and electron microscope photos.  My favorite is of a “macrophage trapping a pathogen.”  It’s amazing what scientists can see these days, and they’ve passed on the images to you.  If I were a home schooler, I’d rush out to buy this book.  As it is, I may decide to anyway--a stunningly comprehensive view of the human body.  Lessons about parts of the body were nothing like this when I was a kid!


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