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My Pet Human Takes Center Stage

by Yasmine Surovec

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My Pet Human Takes Center Stage

by Yasmine Surovec

Review posted October 4, 2018.
Roaring Brook Press, New York, 2017. 100 pages.
Review written in 2017

Oliver's back! He's the cat with the pet human, Freckles.

In this book, Freckles goes to school and Oliver decides to tag along. This gets Freckles to join the Fur-Ever Friends Club, where she decides to foster a kitten.

Oliver is not excited about sharing his human with a kitten! To make matters worse, Freckles has plans for Oliver and the kitten to participate in a pet talent show put on by the club.

This book has five chapters with pictures on every page. The dialog is all done with speech bubbles, but there is some narration from Oliver's perspective as well, so it's not quite a graphic novel.

But it is a delightful and funny chapter book for beginning readers. They will enjoy how the world looks from the perspective of a cat.