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Breaking Dawn

by Stephenie Meyer

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Breaking Dawn

by Stephenie Meyer

Review Posted October 11, 2008.
Megan Tingley Books (Little, Brown), 2008. 756 pages.
Starred Review.
Sonderbooks Stand-out 2008: #8 Fantasy Teen Fiction

I admit it: There is no need for a review of Breaking Dawn. You should NOT read it unless you have read the three books that come before it: Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Once you've read Twilight, you will know if you want to keep reading. If you do, then nothing I can say will stop you!

However, I can't resist the opportunity to offer my opinion.

I liked Breaking Dawn. I loved the way she pulled off a happy ending, almost too happy, but still leaving me smiling.

Okay, she threw in a completely bizarre plot twist. But I did like the way so many vampires came together, and I like the way this time Bella provided an important contribution to the final conflict.

There were a couple of places where I laughed aloud. The first was her description of Edward's eyes on his wedding day. It was even more over the top than a spoof I had read before the book came out: "His eyes were a buttery, burning gold."

Come on, buttery?!!

When I read the resolution of the love triangle, though, I laughed so loudly, I woke up my son, who was asleep on the other bed in the hotel room. Still, it did resolve things....

I'd better not say any more!

These books may not be great literature, but they are absorbing reading, escapist romance, and a whole lot of fun.