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Twice a Prince

by Sherwood Smith

Twice a Prince
Sasharia en Garde! Book Two

by Sherwood Smith

Review posted February 10, 2010.
Samhain Publishing, 2009. 265 pages.
Starred Review
2010 Sonderbooks Stand-out: #3 Teen Fantasy and Science Fiction

Twice a Prince was the first book I read when I got back from Christmas vacation, because really it's a continuation of Once a Princess, and I desperately wanted to know what happens next. I think of these books as two halves of the same story -- Don't read one without the other.

I won't say too much about the plot, since I don't want to give away what happens in the first book. Sasharia is in the magical world where she was born a princess, and she's the only one who knows how to bring back her father. There's a bad king ruling, with an even worse general trying to line up his own son for the throne. There's a prince and a pirate, and Sasharia has good reasons not to trust the man she's falling in love with.

There's romance, intrigue, magic, sword-fighting, plotting, and treachery. I thoroughly enjoyed the story in these two books.