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*****= An all-time favorite
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***    = Above average
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***The Rope Trick

by Lloyd Alexander

Reviewed December 21, 2002.
Dutton Children’s Books, New York, 2002. 195 pages.

I’m a big fan of Lloyd Alexander’s books, especially the Prydain Chronicles, The Arkadians, and The Iron Ring.  The Rope Trick was a good book, but not as outstanding as those others.

I did like the main character.  Lidi is a red-haired traveling magician in old-time Italy (Campania), a master of illusions.  After her father’s death, she’s on a quest to learn the secret of the Rope Trick.  A mysterious magician named Ferramondo is the only person who knows how to do it.

As she journeys, Lidi adds on to her traveling family, collecting a little girl and a young man who are both in trouble.  There’s a romance, but we are simply told that they are in love.  I didn’t really feel the love growing.  They meet many different people on their travels and hear seemingly unrelated stories.  The ending attempts to tie them all together, but seemed a bit abrupt and perplexing.

Mind you, this isn’t a bad book.  It’s not as outstanding as his others, but it does give an entertaining story.

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