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**Rover Saves Christmas

by Roddy Doyle

with pictures by Brian Ajhar

Reviewed December 15, 2001.
Arthur A. Levine Books, an imprint of Scholastic Press, 2001.  160 pages.

This is an extremely silly book.  In other words, my 7-year-old loved it.

He had to spend four hours at the library the other day.  This time, he didn’t complain a bit, since he spent the first two hours reading this book and chuckling over it.  Even worse, every time I walked into my office he had to tell me about the funny thing he’d just read on the current page.

I admit, I did find it amusing, although I was glad it was short.  This book is mainly targeted for anyone who loves the Captain Underpants series.  I think that gives you the idea--a little rude, with ridiculous situations and little games with the reader, like commercial breaks and alternate endings.  I’d estimate its target is about 1st through 4th grades.  Older people with a healthy sense of silliness left will be compelled to smile.

This book was a sequel to The Giggler Treatment, which we bought (and my son loved) in Ireland.  The Giggler Treatment is when creatures called Gigglers put dog poo where grown-ups who have been unkind to children will step in it.  Then they giggle.  In Rover Saves Christmas, Rudolph goes on strike, so Rover (who supplies the dog poo for the Gigglers) must take his place.  Silliness ensues.

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