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***The Complete Guide to Digital Photography

by Michael Freeman


Reviewed August 1, 2002.
Silver Pixel Press, 2001.  224 pages.  Available via

I recently bought a new digital camera, and was looking for a book on the subject.  I chose this one partly because it has a picture of my camera on the cover.  This ended up being silly--They don’t even mention the possibility of storing images on Cds, as my camera does, when they discuss memory options.  However, I am very happy with my choice.

The author is a professional photographer.  He takes us through the process of digital photography from pixels to final, retouched image.  He thoroughly explains the hardware and how it works.  Besides details about capturing an image, he also spends about half of the book showing all of the things you can do with a digital image.

Now, I don’t have plans to do much more than take pictures and have them printed.  However, I like having an idea of things I could do.  He shows how to take cranes out of a skyline and touch up faces.  I also appreciated the background about how the camera works.  Above all, it is a beautiful book, with large pages, each page having clear and beautiful pictures illustrating the concept of that page.  It’s a delight simply to browse through this book, and highly informative.  

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