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***Cheap Web Tricks

Build and Promote a Successful Web Site Without Spending a Dime

by Anne Martinez

Reviewed October 2, 2003.
Osborne/McGraw-Hill, New York, 2001.  371 pages.
Available for $13.99 in paperback on

This book attracted me because of course I’m building a hobbyist’s website, for the love of it, without a big prospect of making money.  Since I’m paying for web hosting, I need to cut corners everywhere I can, so that this hobby won’t break me.

This book also tells the basics of using HTML to set up a web site, but it wasn’t nearly as specific, and so not as helpful as Learning Web Design.  About half of the book is taken up with promoting your website inexpensively.  I’ll look at that more now that I’ve got my pages how I want them.  Learning Web Design doesn’t have any information about promoting the website, so the information in this book will be helpful for this next step.

This book is helpful and informative, but would be a little more useful for someone with something to sell or someone more intent on making money.

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