Sonderbooks Book Review of

Lion Boy audiobook

by Zizou Corder

read by Simon Jones


by Zizou Corder
read by Simon Jones

Review posted October 13, 2008.
Audio Adventures. 8 1/4 hours on 7 compact discs.

I reviewed the print version of Lion Boy years ago.

Unfortunately, I did not go straight on to read the next two volumes of the story -- so I completely lost the thread of what was happening. When Lion Boy was a selection for the Fairfax County summer reading program, it seemed like the perfect time to refresh my memory, so I listened to the book on CDs. (And I'm happy to report that I have already begun the second book, so I am not going to let it go this time.)

How to say this without sounding derogatory? I'm finding audiobooks perfect for the sort of light-hearted book that doesn't absorb me quite enough to keep me reading late into the night. Yes, the book is very interesting, but since I generally only get to listen in fifteen-minute stretches, audiobooks work well with a book that keeps me mildly interested over a long period of time. I'm not sure I defined it exactly right, but I never did get around to reading the Lion Boy sequels, but I found myself eager to listen to them. I'm finding there's a certain type of reading that I enjoy more as listening.

And again (as with all the audiobooks I'm reviewing lately), the narration was marvellous. The book had songs with music inserted in the text, and of course the audio version included these.

This is another good family story that would make great listening for a family vacation. The hero is a kid, but he gets into some tight places, and the whole family will find themselves hoping Charlie finds a way to save his parents, and his friends the lions.