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LionBoy: The Truth

by Zizou Corder

read by Simon Jones

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The Truth

by Zizou Corder
read by Simon Jones

Review posted October 13, 2008.
Highbridge Audio, 2005. 6 hours on 5 compact discs.

The Truth brings the Lionboy trilogy to a most satisfying conclusion. In the earlier books, Charlie's parents were kidnapped, and Charlie went after them. In the third book, Charlie is the one kidnapped. His parents and the friends he has made along the way come to his rescue, but in the end Charlie's own ingenuity, courage, and loyalty save the day for far more people and animals than just himself.

There are a few outrageous coincidences in this book, as there were in the earlier books. However, it's all in good fun. This is a rather wild adventure tale set in the near future. The action takes Charlie across the globe to the very seat of the sinister Corporacy.

Charlie can still talk to cats, and in this book he becomes better acquainted with Ninu, a chameleon who can not only take on the colors around him, but also the languages. With Ninu's help, Charlie can talk to any person and any thing.

Like the rest, this makes good listening material, and would be great for a family car trip. There is plenty of action to keep you diverted, and once again the narrator has a delightful voice (and accent) to listen to.