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by David Lubar

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by David Lubar

Review posted November 12, 2008.
Darby Creek Publishing, 2006. 96 pages.

Logan knew he shouldn't run in the library. But how can you keep from it when your friend tags you It? He certainly didn't mean to run into that old guy who looked like a retired teacher.

Logan tries to apologize, but the man says maybe he needs to be punished, and blows some book dust on him. When Logan leaves the library, suddenly everything he says gets people groaning or giggling.

It takes Logan awhile to figure out that every sentence he utters comes out as a bad pun. Soon the old man isn't the only one planning to punish him.

Logan's only way to lift the curse involves finding oxymorons, anagrams, and palindromes. If he can't find the required number in time, he will be cursed to spout puns forever.

This book celebrates word play in a way that invites the reader to try it for yourself. It's a nice quick read for groan boys and girls ready for full-fledged chapter books. Silly fun with silly puns!