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No Fair! No Fair!

And Other Jolly Poems of Childhood

Poems by Calvin Trillin

Pictures by Roz Chast

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No Fair! No Fair!

And Other Jolly Poems of Childhood

Poems by Calvin Trillin
Pictures by Roz Chast

Review posted January 14, 2019.
Orchard Books (Scholastic), 2016. 32 pages.
Starred Review
Review written in 2016, from a library book

Oh this book made me laugh! It compelled me to read it aloud, first to people at work, then even when I was home alone.

This is a book of poetry in the tradition of Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein -- rhyming poetry about the logic and illogic of children's lives.

Here's a stanza from one of my favorites, "The Grandpa Rule Is in Effect":

Whenever Grandpa's minding us,
There's just one rule we must respect:
To do what we would like to do.
The Grandpa Rule is in effect.

Here's the beginning of "Who Plays What?"

I like all our games of pretending,
But why is it always routine
That I am the queen's loyal servant
And Claudia's always the queen?

Here's the refrain from "The Backseat":

She's over the line,
She's over the line.
She occupies space
That's rightfully mine.

And here's a nice one full of kid logic, from "Could Jenny Get This Shot for Me? I've Done So Much for Her!":

I know this shot will guard me from the measles and the mumps --
Diseases that could leave me with two different kinds of lumps.
I'm glad the stuff that's in the shot will keep me safe from harm,
But can't they put the needle into someone else's arm?
If so, my older sister is the person I'd prefer.
Could Jenny get this shot for me? I've done so much for her.

I like all the small poems in "Evening Complaints." This one's called "Going to Bed":

Though Nate stays up, to me you've said,
"Okay, my friend, it's time for bed."
I'll bet when I'm as old as Nate,
You still won't let me stay up late.
I'll say, "I'm eight," but you won't care.
No fair, no fair, no fair, no fair.

I have to admit, a few of the poems didn't quite work as well read aloud -- but the majority are so well done, they compel reading aloud.

And Roz Chast's pictures are the perfect companion! She gets a child's eye view of the world just right -- with that touch of cynicism and humor in every one of her pictures.