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Flora and the Penguin

by Molly Idle

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Flora and the Penguin

by Molly Idle

Review posted April 2, 2015.
Chronicle Books, 2014. 40 pages.
Starred Review

Who would have thought that Molly Idle could match the brilliance that is Flora and the Flamingo? Yet she has done it here. This book has an Arctic, I mean an Antarctic theme. Our friend Flora is back. She comes onto an ice floe with ice skates, and out of a hole in the ice comes a penguin.

This time, instead of a dance, Flora skates alongside the penguin. I shouldn't say "instead" of a dance, because the skating amounts to dancing. And as with the flamingo, Flora's body shape and moves echo that of her partner.

Once again, we have some drama. This time it involves the hole in the ice and some fish. Once again, strategic flaps convey movement and bring the dance to life.

Some parents may be surprised at how effective wordless books are in building reading skills. No, they won't teach decoding. But they do help build vocabulary. And following a storyline.

Try reading this book with your child and ask questions about what they notice. You will probably be surprised by their powers of observation and ability to express that. What's more, young ones will be proud to be able to read this book every bit as well as their older siblings. But all groups will enjoy it.

This is a book that will make you want to dance.